in brewing war for re-independence.

From the Tea Party:

Louisiana Residents Petition To Secede

On Nov. 6, Americans voted to return Barack Obama to the White House; then on Nov. 7, some folks in Louisiana petitioned the White House to peaceably withdraw their state from the Union.

According to the White House website, the petition was created by Michael E. (full last name not provided) of Slidell, La., the day after the election and has since been electronically signed by a few hundred people, most – but not all – of whom hail from the Pelican State.

Read petition here.

This may not seem like much at first.  However, one of the reasons the union invaded the Confederacy, was because the new york bankers and merchants were afraid that with the South out of the union, New Orleans would become a major competitor of new york’s for shipping and commerce.

J. Coffee Hays

John 15:13