I’m reading a book called TranceFormation of America.  It is about MK-Ultra and Project Monarch, two of the CIAs mind control programs.  You can read it for free here, http://archive.org/details/TranceformationOfAmerica.

It is a short book but I believe it will blow your MIND!  If you want you can start at page 78 with Cathy O’Brien’s story.  The first 30 pages are ok but the unbelievable stuff begins with page 78.

Cathy takes the reader through an unbelievable story of pedophilia, incest, rape, ritual murder, drug running, child and adult prostitution, all committed, aided, or facilitated by the D.C. Crime family.  A lot of of the names will be familiar including, Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney, Robert Byrd, Guy Vader Jagt, and Pierre Trudeau

The details regarding names, times and places in this book are mind blowing!  After reading this book, ask yourself,  could this really be made up?

I doubt it!

This book gives new meaning to “I tremble for my country when I realize God is just.” -Thomas Jefferson.

Join the Job 38:11 resistance.

Posted by J. Coffee Hays