All of us in the “awakened” community, libertarians, anarchists, Ron Paul supporters, generally anybody that doesn’t believe in murder, theft and pillage,  know that a shit storm of Biblical proportions is right around the corner.  The question remains, what to do.  Do we a.) hunker down and head for the hills or b.) Get the hell out of Dodge?

The problem with b.) is, where do we go.  I’ve thought a lot about this question the last few years and more recently since the criminals in D.C., lead by cia asset and avowed Marxist Hussein The Usurper, have intensified their domestic terrorism operations with staged shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Arizona.  Although I’ve come up empty, The Sovereign Man has a suggestion, Svalbard.

High up above Scandinavia about 75 degrees north latitude is an obscure archipelago that few people in the world know about, and even fewer have been to.

It’s called Svalbard, population ~3,000. And while the islands are technically part of Norway, they come with some incredibly unique benefits that I’ll explain in a moment.

For centuries, Svalbard was completely lawless, devoid of any government authority. It attracted whalers, hunters, merchants, and fishermen from all over the world– the UK, Russia, France, Netherlands, North America, and Scandinavia….

Free Pussy Riot!

“I tremble for my country when I realize God is just.” -Mr. Jefferson