Stan Johnson has. He pointed out some interesting things on Coast To Coast Am over the weekend.

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research.  So CERN is not an acronym for the underlying organization.  However, CERN is short for CERNunnos, an occult god of the underworld.

Here are some other interesting facts from Stan Johnson:

    • Have 33 countries spent $10B, hired 10,000 scientists to secretly re-create an ancient Egyptian “Stargate” or “Wormhole?”
    • Was the idea for movies such as Contact, Hellboy, and Stargate SG-1 birthed from their plan to build a modern-day Stargate?
    • Is their stated goal to re-create the “Big Bang” and to find the “Higgs Boson” really a cover story for something more sinister?
    • Will the 17 mile circular Large Hadron Collider (LHC) built 574 feet under Switzerland and France open a door to another world?
    • Could the LHC be causing the strange sounds covering entire cities many square miles in size?
    • Some Scientists fear it could easily open a wormhole, or create a black hole and destroy this planet!
    • Could it be causing earthquakes and volcanoes to awaken?
    • What will happen in 2014 when they turn the power up to 100%?
    • Muslims are looking for their Mahdi or 12th Imam to lead Islam to world domination.
    • They claim he will arise from a well either in Iraq or Iran.
    • Scientists have built this collider at CERN, but CERN is not a word; is it short for CERNunnos an occult a half-man half-beast which arises out of the earth?
    • Prophecy says “The beast” will “ascend out of the bottomless pit.” Will the LHC open a door allowing entrance into our world?
    • Will Cernunnos arise from the Hadron Collider in 2014 and become what the Muslims call “Mahdi” or the “12th Imam” and what Christians call “The beast” or “The Antichrist” and lead Islam to world domination like prophecy predicts?
    • Prophecy also says large locusts will enter our world which sound like running horses and sting men like scorpions for five months?  Will the LHC allow them into our world?
    • Has mankind built something it cannot control?  …opened a door that will destroy our earth?  Kill millions?  Could the prophecies of the Bible be upon us?

It makes me wonder, how about you?

“I tremble for my country when I realize God is just.” -Mr. Jefferson