If you are wondering just what to expect from Obamacare, check out the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Here is information from the Daily Mail.

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There is a growing belief that Liverpool Care Pathway is being coded as a “humane” path to a quick death, effectively becoming a fast “Death Pathway.” Instead of being limited to select patients that have quantified short term life possibility, ie they would die within days, there is a growing amount of patients who are being put on the protocol who can live years more and this group of patients are being euthanized prematurely without their consent. Patients put on this program effectively die on an average of 33 hours after being initiated. Patients are effectively euthanized and put to death by large amounts of the drug morphine. Morphine can reduce pain, sedate and in large amounts can shut down breathing, combine this with water, food and nutrient denial it is a recipe for a quick death. Since the LCP has come into existence, 130,000 people have been put to death under this NHS protocol. Professor Patrick Pullicino has said doctors turned to use the LCP protocol into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly. [20] With about 450,000 deaths in UK each year of people under NHS care, about 29 percent used LCP. Controversy extends to the fact that often a patients family is never consulted. Many elderly patients go into the hospital for an emergency and get put on LCP as a matter of protocol to put them on this euthanasia protocol without documented proof that the patient wants it, or can’t recover from their health problem.

Under the protocol, patients must be on a predicted path to death within 3-4 days and in many circumstances there is growing concern that it is being used to dispose of older, costly patients who need health care to extend life. Many people believe doctors, hospitals and the NHS have put this protocol into place to cut costs and ration care. Instead of providing health care, a patient is put on a morphine syringe/drip and denied food/water and put to death in just about a day and a half.

When asked, a Department of Health spokesperson said, “A patient’s condition is monitored at least every four hours and, if a patient improves, they are taken off the Liverpool Care Pathway and given whatever treatments best suit their new needs.” Many doctors believe that it is hard to judge any improvement of health with a heavy morphine dose and denial of other health care and food/water. So once put on the LCP protocol, virtually all patients die, often very fast. Thus it becomes a hospital/doctor and DHS’s backdoor into euthanasia. [21]

Many people believe that the LCP itself hides any patient improvement in health status, being so drugged by morphine and denied food/water, that they are destined to die quickly. If patients are chosen to become dehydrated, they may appear so confused that they are prime candidates to be put on LCP. Many people put on the protocol could live longer and not be destined to die fast. Instead, the protocol is reduced to a quick path to death that virtually everyone put onto it die a fast death. There has been large amounts of controversy around the LCP and NHS’s patient care.[22]

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