I just finished the aforementioned book and I found out some fascinating things about the federal reserve.

1) – The Fed officially bankrupted the United States in 1933.  That is pretty good work.  The criminals in DC handed the country over to the fed in 1913.  In twenty hears they were able to completely bankrupt the most productive country in the history of the world.
2) – Guess what FDR did with all of the gold he stole from the American people in 1933? – He gave it to the federal reserve who then shipped it to foreign countries, Germany in particular.  In effect, the fed used the gold FDR stole from the American people and sent it to Germany to finance the Nazi war machine.
3) – The Fed is a foreign corporation.  It is not incorporated in any of the several states.
4) – The only way the banks that own the fed could buy shares was by paying in GOLD!  Apparently, you couldn’t buy into the cartel with their own federal reserve notes.
“I tremble for my country when I realize God is just.” -Mr. Jefferson
They Own It All Including You!